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Feb 26, 2014 1:00pm EST
taxes. it involves panty hose, all sorts of things, including even secret elevators. we will talk about that. >>> plus a physical attack on the wealthy. one affluent town in california has been hit hard. speaking of wealth, the wealthiest neighborhood in the u.s. not by zip code or by county. we will go street by street. tyler is out today. simon is at the nyse and we will get downtown in just a second. first, that big news on housing. diana olick is in the house and she has been talking to the biggest name in the business, ivy zelman. >> the noted analyst famous for calling the top and bottom of the latest housing cycle, last spring she said here on cnbc that we were in housing nirvana. by fall she revised her outlooks down. today she explained why. >> i think nirvana took a pause, during that time house prices -- home prices were surging and we had very attractive affordability and a few months after i was on, we had rates spike about 100 plus basis points and we saw a pause. the consumer was rationally responding to the surge in prices, the backup in rates. >> she did not seem partic
Feb 27, 2014 1:00pm EST
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Mar 5, 2014 1:00pm EST
are caught at the gate with oversized carry-ons, you will be taxed $25 a checked luggage fee. you may be sent back through security to check your bag at the check-in counter. this is going to cause lots of disruption, i think. >> you know, i fly a lot. people are obnoxious. but here's the deal. they want to crack down on it, lower the baggage fees which they say this is not about. if you are actually going to have a person deployed at the security check send me back because you think my bag's too big and add a half hour to my routine, i will miss the flight, is that really, if that happens, you will see people thinking maybe i shouldn't fly united because i'm afraid, i want to play it safe with american. >> i agree. it is about the fees. i have seen people practically carry on steamer trunks. it's incredible they get in. now the value to being a frequent flyer is you get to be on before everybody else so you can rush to put your bag on. it's a silly system. i agree about the fees. it's not a bad idea to enforce some limits. >> united airlines has just told phil lebeau that in fact, people wil
Feb 28, 2014 1:00pm EST
well, maybe some of those explanations of what was going on was a lot of tax related selling in the first month of the year. turned out actually to be true. go ahead. >> here we have a very broad rally, at least today. >> i think there are elements of the tax selling that are true. another element is a lot of people came in very, very short in january, short the stock market, short the bond market, because remember, the prevailing paradigm, the fed tapering program is going to continue. a lot of people believe that the tapering program, that the fed's aggressive action was one of the reasons the stock market held up so well, one of the reasons bond yields were so low and everything was going to change. it didn't really happen and it hasn't happened. i think short covering accounts for a lot of the action we've seen recently. remember, too, we are really almost sideways. we went into new highs at the end of december and are a little above that. so far this year, the stock market is largely sideways. i'm not putting down the rally we've had but we're not blowing up here on the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4